Go Big

It’s easier to stay small than to go big. It’s easier to focus on what we lack than it is to step into our greatness. It’s easier to focus on our trauma and our pain instead of our innate ability to heal. It’s easier to be fearful than to be brave. It’s easier to be caught up in drama than to find peace. It’s easier to judge than to accept. It’s easier to be defensive than to be open. It’s easier to blame than to accept responsibility. It’s easier to stagnate than to grow. It’s easier to be bored than to find passion. It’s easier to complain than to be grateful. It’s easier to numb than to feel. It’s easier to ignore than to confront or reveal. It’s easier to be silent than to speak up. It’s easier to be a victim than it is to be a hero. It’s easier to be lazy than it is to try something new. It’s easier to be sad than to be joyful. Stop taking the easy way out.

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Money is a State of Flow

How is your relationship with money working out? Abundance is a state of flow, and money is an energy exchange. Money is also a form of love and appreciation. It is being given to you in exchange for something that you are giving back. When that exchange doesn’t feel reciprocal or fair or there’s not enough of it, our fear responses around money get triggered.

When people have issues around money and abundance, the first thing I would ask is, how are you at receiving? Do you receive compliments well? Are you comfortable asking for help from other people when you need it?

Money gets to the heart of our issues around self-worth. If you can’t receive love easily from others, then you will often also create a block around receiving money in a way that prevents it from being truly fluid and balanced.

There are also a lot of negative associations around money that need to be cleared out. Ideas like “money is the root of all evil,” or in order to have money you will have to give up being happy because you will have to work constantly for it, or, if you have money, you must be greedy or materialistic. All of these assumptions are false and will further block our ability to receive money in a positive way.

A popular idea in new age thinking is the law of attraction – the idea that you can believe in something and have it come true. While it is true that your vibrational state will reflect back to you the things you believe, changing your energetic state also requires implementation through action.

In order to be abundant, we must live from a place where both giving and receiving are balanced and flow through us freely. We need to be able to envision ourselves in our most abundant state and then live that as our truth. We have to give up our fear that we won’t have enough, which is really a fear deep down that we are not enough. Wealth is, ultimately, a state of mind.

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Remote Viewing and Space Travel

Such wonder and beauty exists in the universe! How can we ever see all the wonder that exists in our lifetimes? If remote viewing is possible, we might be able to see things like the Cone Nebula in our own minds through meditation and visualization techniques. Perhaps space travel over vast distances is only possible through the mind.

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The Intuitive Tarot

Intuition games like the tarot are valuable because they show us how we receive messages symbolically through a mix of psychology, spirit, the subconscious, and the collective unconscious.
I’ve always enjoyed pulling tarot cards because it connects me to an ancient mystical lineage and also confirms to me that I am connected to something greater than myself that is not random.
There are always important messages to be found in the cards we pull. I’ve found a similar resonance in astrology – it’s a confirmation of greater patterns at work.
The only reason that any religion would ban these explorations of our intuitive skills must be fear – fear of what they do not understand, fear of losing control if we understand too much about our own power.
We are so profoundly connected to other human beings in ways that we have only just begun to understand.
The reason that intuition doesn’t work as well when it comes to machines like lotteries or slot machines is that there is no empathic resonance, nothing to feel our way around, nothing to know deep in our souls to be true.
I remember when I was first starting to open up spiritually how I played an intuition game with a friend once where we meditated and ask for guided messages to give the other person.
The messages we received were profound and brought us both to tears. I saw her in my mind in a past life running across the savannah in Africa. She told me she hated running, and the only way she could motivate herself was to imagine herself running across the savannah in Africa. We also saw that the reason she hated running was because she had been killed in a hunting accident in that life.
These amazing experiences of correspondence and synchronicity have confirmed to me again and again that we are all connected, and we have souls that know more and are far wiser than we give them credit for.

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The Voice of the Soul

Sound is a wave, a continuum, like light refracting or a feather floating on water.

I am the girl with the skip in her voice. It’s the little pause, the momentary hesitation, the held breathe that lets you know here’s the girl – interrupted.

They say it’s neurological, which is another way of saying, it’s all in your head.

It’s the fear of diving into shallow water and hitting your head, the trust fall into nothing, the heart laid bare.

I’ve seen my own soul, seen my true self, my divine nature, and she has told me that my voice is broken because the world is broken. Suffering ends when we stop trying to see ourselves through fractured mirrors.

A flock of birds is fluid and effortless because they are following their intuition, an inner knowing that is in sync with the other birds.

Perhaps I was given this broken voice for a reason – for when we heal ourself, we heal the world.

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Reiki and Visualization for Self-Healing

When I was a child, I had pneumonia that lasted a couple months. Looking back, I can see how I was the perfect candidate for contracting this disease. Dis-ease comes about as a result of imbalance.

I was living with a stepfather who criticized me constantly. He had a need for dominance and control that was pathological. Perhaps as a counterbalance to that need for control, he was also a heroin addict who would lose control in violent outbursts. I felt deeply judged, unloved, and unsafe.

In an effort to protect myself, I spoke as little as possible in that household. I used to go straight to my room and would immerse myself in an imaginary world of books and paper dolls. Even today, I have issues and challenges around speaking.

By the time I contracted pneumonia, I had lost my will to live. I was having the most intense fever dreams of bombs flying all around me, and I truly felt my life was on the line. At one point, I dreamt of a giant, life-sized chess board. I knew intuitively that all the white pieces represented my white blood cells and all the black pieces represented the disease, but I had to have a will to live to move those pieces.

The way I found that will was to imagine my future self talking to my child self. My future self told me that those circumstances were only temporary and that someday I would have a husband and a son who would love me deeply. The thought of their unconditional love and the happiness I saw there gave me hope for the future.

Another thing pneumonia taught me was how we can self heal using touch. I would put my hands over the areas in my body that hurt and feel the love and healing energy radiating into my body. Learning about reiki years later confirmed to me that there is an energy exchange that is possible through touch.

I don’t know if I will ever be able to fully heal my voice completely or feel completely confident and comfortable with public speaking. It’s an area I’m still working on healing, but if my past experience is any indication, we are capable of so much more than we ever thought. ✨

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The Flow State

When we’re in a state of flow, we know we’re in the right place, and yet life is constantly giving us little challenges to knock us off balance. Pay attention to the moments when you feel most in a state of flow because this is the universe’s way of telling you to keep doing what you’re doing.
Yoga practice is an interesting way to observe how we fall in and out of flow – with our breath, our balance, our presence, our connection.
How can I surrender deeper into graciousness and ease, moving with the flow like a fish in a stream? How adaptable can I be to the changes that are occurring around me today? How much can I release my own ideas about what flow is so that I can dive more deeply into the universal current?
Even in the lulls, the stillness between waves, there is flow. Falling out of flow is like falling out of a yoga pose. What a relief it is to know that we don’t have to be perfect, that life is not perfect, and that it is also all happening exactly as it was meant to right now in this moment.

Thoughts on Shamanism

You are a bird soaring over the earth. You feel the lightness of your new bone structure and how it glides so easily through the air.
You feel expansive and free. Your thoughts are also as light in color and density as the sky. You see so clearly how thoughts can feel dense and heavy or elevated and light.
Raising the vibrational frequency of our body and our thoughts through meditation allows us to access higher states of consciousness.
The word shaman means “one who knows.” Accessing altered states of consciousness in order to receive guided messages or healing has been the realm of the shaman since ancient, tribal times.
What if these altered states of consciousness open up portals in space and time where we can travel to other dimensions, similar to our dream state?
What if space travel over vast distances is only possible through the mind?
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