Being Right

I don’t care about being right anymore. We’ve lived through so many lifetimes of conflict and war, and in the end we felt the futility of combat each and every time. The loss of life and love is just too big a price to pay. The vision is narrowed by choosing to focus on what we want to be true. The useless periscope doesn’t work anymore. I remember the battlefield, the slicing sword, the act a singular and simple reduction. I felt the shockwave, the anguish. What have we done? I saw how killing you was the same as killing me. In the end, it does not matter who’s wrong or who’s right. All that matters is you and me and the right to be free to sing our simple love songs. ✨💜💫

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The Kabbalah and Gratitude

A concept from the Kabbalah that can be useful when trying to navigate intense emotions is the idea that we can push the pause button on our reactions anytime we feel triggered. Instead of reacting right away, pause for a moment and try saying to yourself “what a pleasure.” The reason this is helpful is that it injects gratitude into a tense situation by first recognizing that the challenges in life are actually why we are here. Everything else is really more the fluff of life – pleasurable, fleeting, routine, maybe even boring sometimes. The challenges in life are the real opportunities for our souls to evolve.
One could argue that an event like the coronavirus has brought with it some important benefits. Pollution levels have diminished, especially in places like India and China, and there has been a greater insistence on preparedness, truth and transparency from people, governments, and the media. Having everyone stay home has helped improve solidarity, strengthened family bonds, and created a greater sense of national unity. People are able to take a break from their jobs and daily routines in a way that has allowed them to reinvent themselves and make important changes to the things that were no longer working well in their personal lives, as well as global systems and institutions. The focus has shifted from making money to figuring out what really matters most to us – family, love, health, and compassion.
This is not to minimize the suffering that other people have been going through in any way. My heart goes out to all the victims of the disease, but at the same time, we have to take a step back from the emotional intensity of the situation in order to see that there are also some hidden positives in the situation. The Tower card in the tarot symbolizes the crumbling of systems that we previously held dear. It’s necessary sometimes for things to fall completely apart so we have the opportunity to rebuild and make a better world for ourselves.

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Discovering a Higher Purpose

The world is more than it appears to be on the surface. Seeing the world as it truly is means taking a deep dive into the subconscious and into the language of the soul (through meditation and visualization) to see what the higher purpose is. This can be done both on the level of the individual as well as entering the collective unconscious to try and discern the higher purpose of a group, a movement, a country, or even the entire world. We gain a deeper level of awareness and compassion for others when we look at people from this perspective because it gives us a better understanding of the life purpose they brought into this world. Any higher purpose can be thwarted and become corrupted by ignorance, misinformation, greed, or self-interest, unfortunately, but we can see how the original intent was based on a higher purpose. The goal is to try to connect people back to their higher purpose by releasing the fear-based paradigms that prevent the creation of a better world for everyone. To do this, we must breathe deeper into the eternal self than either the mind or emotions alone can reach. We release our external focus in order to see things as they truly are, far beneath the chaos. Everything is happening by divine design, and the external world is merely a stage where we act out the evolution of our souls. The earth is a school, a place where mistakes can and should happen, so we can grow from the experience. Everything that happens in the external world – every ailment, every crisis, every disease – has its roots in the internal world. What we see on the surface is only the outward manifestation of an internal problem. We are all microcosms of God. We are as connected to one another as we are to the air we breathe and the beat of our own hearts. It is the great paradox of life to at once be everything and nothing. We are the Big Bang simultaneously exploding into everything in creation and drawing back into a single point of absolute silence and stillness.

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It’s the deep blue of midnight, and all the trees laid bare. Only a few solitary stars still spangle while the information war rages. The earth listens in silence. Barely a cricket dares chirp against the monolithic sky.
As long as there are conflicts of interest, the truth suffers, and so the night continues to darken. Somewhere there’s the sound of a solitary wail, a protest half forgotten between a whimper and a sigh.
Wild things are most at home in the night. Furtive plots will be carried out by cover of darkness, but as long as a single star still burns, there is still light and the promise of a better day.

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Fear is the Mind Killer

We all feel fear from time to time. We are animals, after all. Or rather, we are souls inhabiting human bodies. When we observe a deer, a dog, or a monkey, we can easily see the natural fear responses that have been passed on to us through our mammalian DNA.

Unlike other animals, we have the ability to rise above the fear response and see it for what it is – an attempt to protect ourselves by plotting out possible future outcomes and thereby avoiding pain.

When the anxiety causes us just as much or more pain than the actual event, we are living in an obsessive state that can be difficult to break out of. Fear takes us out of the present moment and into a possible future scenario, which in itself causes stress. It’s unnatural to live outside of our bodies and in a state of projection into an imaginary future. Living in a state of perpetual fear makes us more likely to get sick, make poor decisions, and be unable to listen to our intuitive minds. Fear is also both a state of mistrust and a misalignment with what is.

Fear is actually only helpful when it serves as a catalyst for a productive action to take place. Otherwise, fear erodes our confidence, drains our life force, weakens our bodies, and eventually, it will destroy us. Ironically, the thoughts that we focus on also tend to become what we manifest in the world.

When our minds become obsessed with fearful thoughts, we become easier to manipulate or control, and we become unable to think clearly. In order to get ourselves out of fear, it’s necessary to ground ourselves in the present moment. We need to reduce or eliminate fear sources like the news and go outside, touch the earth, walk in the woods, go for a swim, anything to get out of our minds and back into our bodies and our senses.

Refuse to dwell in fear any longer than necessary. Anytime fear starts to enter your thoughts, ask if it has anything to teach you and then lovingly release it. Visualize the beautiful life you want, the highest manifestation of your divine self, and choose to fill your mind and focus your actions on making this your reality, instead.

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The Covid-19 War on Truth

The Buddha would not want war. He would not want suffering. The Buddha, like Jesus, stood for love, peace, and truth. It’s only when truth is in danger of being compromised that we must also be strong and unafraid to fight for truth, freedom, and protection of the weak.
A video on YouTube entitled “I found the source of the coronavirus” shows us the simple facts that the Wuhan lab was studying coronaviruses in bats, as well as the close proximity of the lab to the Wuhan seafood market. All evidence is based on job listings and postings that came from the lab itself.
You may not see videos like these available on Facebook anymore, since Facebook hired someone from the Wuhan lab to help determine which posts should be censored. Conflict of interest much?
Bioweapons experts and a Nobel prize winner for AIDS research have said the coronavirus is most likely a bioweapon. Mainstream news will tell you this is a conspiracy theory.
If it is a bioweapon, perhaps the intelligence community believes it best for the American people not to know. Would this mean we have to go to war with China? That sounds horrible. Are we already in an unspoken economic Cold War with China?

I don’t believe war or killing innocent people is ever the answer. I think we should, instead, show our deep support for the Chinese people, the dissenters, protestors, and rebels who demand and deserve more truth and transparency from their government. A corrupt regime is like a rotting apple that needs the canker removed from its core to stop the disease of corruption and suppression of rights from continuing to spread.

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Embodying the High Priestess

In the tarot, the figure of the high priestess represents internal knowledge, the subconscious, and the realm of the soul. The high priestess represents the divine feminine, which is to say the part of ourselves that is eternal and undisturbed by external events.
Also featured in the tarot are the figures of the magician, which represents the divine masculine, the empress, which represents the external feminine self, and the emperor, which is the manifested masculine self.
Each person, male or female, has aspects of these four archetypes within themselves that represent the dual or disparate nature of reality. Upon deeper reflection, however, we start to see that duality is just another illusion that creates feelings of separation. The work of both the individual and the collective is to bring these aspects into balance so that we can become whole again. Being whole means that we are more than just what you see on the surface. Things like personality, money, status, or career only define us superficially. Being a whole and authentic person means taking a deep dive into the realm of the High Priestess/Magician, the realm of the subconscious. We must be willing to explore things like intuition, dreams, imagination, and the soul, since these internal guides are what give our lives depth and dimension.
One possible barrier to our experience of the divine self is our feelings of unworthiness. We may think, “who am I to consider myself divine, to consider myself a priestess?” We may also meet with this same skepticism from the outside world. To acknowledge our divine nature does not mean we consider ourselves to be superior to anyone else. It’s not just our birthright to be divine, it’s everyone’s. If we look at the story of Jesus, we can see an example of someone who was the embodiment of divinity, and yet who also had humility and compassion for others. The message of Jesus is that we are all divine and eternal.

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Integrating Light and Dark

To become whole, we must accept and integrate both the light and dark aspects of ourselves. The universe is a mirror made up of endless fractal images splitting, coalescing, and creating multiple dimensions and realities into infinity and beyond.

When we only choose the light aspects of ourselves, we can become a faded facsimile of our true selves molded into a pretty package, like origami. We are told we must behave a certain way to be loved. It’s a refrain we hear again and again until we willingly step into our golden cage with wings clipped and heads bowed. What happens when the cage bars disappear and you realize you are free to fly away? What happens when all your normal routines and definitions of self no longer exist? Do you stay inside, or do you run through the woods, hair streaming, wild and free?

There is a silver lining to every dark cloud. The darkness contains the freedom to redefine ourselves on our own terms, as outliers and rebels. We travel here in order to bring our shadow self into the light of truth. Giving up our self-interest for another can be an act of love, a necessary step in our evolution.

There was a time when the earth belonged to everyone. There was no such thing as rent or a job. We lived off the land with the help of our tribe. There were no high rise buildings, subways, or factories. The air and water was clean, and we lived in deep reverence for Mother Earth and our spirit guides.

This strange period in time created by Covid-19 offers us a rare chance to reconnect with the ancient ways. Like ice that forms lacy patterns on trees and is greeted by the rising sun, we begin to thaw, as we learn to redefine what it means to be whole again.
photo by and @anthonyfredaart

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The Day is Always Darkest before Dawn

The day is always darkest before dawn. The hallway lights are flickering a warning message, a staccato, a light house, a Morse code to the Initiates.

The days all run together now, but there’s a quickening – an undercurrent beneath the time that stands still. The work is in being vigilant, an eye within the storm.

I’ve readied my bows and arrows and left them by the door. Like a solitary disciple, I’ll cast my nets and pray the lines will hold. The more we try to explain ourselves, the less we really say. So, meet me tonight at the temple of light, where a queen sits upon her throne.

She holds the splitting world in her hands and offers you a key. She says we are the light keepers of tomorrow, the bringers of the day.

Photo by and @anthonyfredaart

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Day 9 of Quarantine: Birthing Pains

March 31, 2020
Day 9 of Quarantine:
Seeing images of millions of displaced poor in India reminds me that this is not a staycation for those living in poverty around the world. Nor is this a joyous experience for our doctors and nurses on the frontlines.
A friend said recently we must act now to aid in the creation of a new world. I responded that we are like the midwives helping to birth a new earth. The only way I know how to act right now is to keep writing, keep expressing, keep creating, keep connecting with others, keep holding the fire of a sacred vision burning in my mind.
Every birth is painful. There will be moments of sorrow, moments of bravery, moments of crushing despair, but when we see the crowning of the new day coming, may it give us the strength to persevere. Easter Sunday is almost here – the day of resurrection, victory over death, and the reminder, the gift, of our eternal nature.

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