Money is a State of Flow

How is your relationship with money working out? Abundance is a state of flow, and money is an energy exchange. Money is also a form of love and appreciation. It is being given to you in exchange for something that you are giving back. When that exchange doesn’t feel reciprocal or fair or there’s notContinue reading “Money is a State of Flow”

Remote Viewing and Space Travel

Such wonder and beauty exists in the universe! How can we ever see all the wonder that exists in our lifetimes? If remote viewing is possible, we might be able to see things like the Cone Nebula in our own minds through meditation and visualization techniques. Perhaps space travel over vast distances is only possibleContinue reading “Remote Viewing and Space Travel”

The Intuitive Tarot

Intuition games like the tarot are valuable because they show us how we receive messages symbolically through a mix of psychology, spirit, the subconscious, and the collective unconscious.💫I’ve always enjoyed pulling tarot cards because it connects me to an ancient mystical lineage and also confirms to me that I am connected to something greater thanContinue reading “The Intuitive Tarot”

Reiki and Visualization for Self-Healing

When I was a child, I had pneumonia that lasted a couple months. Looking back, I can see how I was the perfect candidate for contracting this disease. Dis-ease comes about as a result of imbalance.✨I was living with a stepfather who criticized me constantly. He had a need for dominance and control that wasContinue reading “Reiki and Visualization for Self-Healing”