The Kabbalah and Gratitude

A concept from the Kabbalah that can be useful when trying to navigate intense emotions is the idea that we can push the pause button on our reactions anytime we feel triggered. Instead of reacting right away, pause for a moment and try saying to yourself “what a pleasure.” The reason this is helpful isContinue reading “The Kabbalah and Gratitude”

Embodying the High Priestess

In the tarot, the figure of the high priestess represents internal knowledge, the subconscious, and the realm of the soul. The high priestess represents the divine feminine, which is to say the part of ourselves that is eternal and undisturbed by external events.💫Also featured in the tarot are the figures of the magician, which representsContinue reading “Embodying the High Priestess”

Integrating Light and Dark

To become whole, we must accept and integrate both the light and dark aspects of ourselves. The universe is a mirror made up of endless fractal images splitting, coalescing, and creating multiple dimensions and realities into infinity and beyond. 🌎When we only choose the light aspects of ourselves, we can become a faded facsimile ofContinue reading “Integrating Light and Dark”

The Day is Always Darkest before Dawn

The day is always darkest before dawn. The hallway lights are flickering a warning message, a staccato, a light house, a Morse code to the Initiates.✨The days all run together now, but there’s a quickening – an undercurrent beneath the time that stands still. The work is in being vigilant, an eye within the storm.✨Continue reading “The Day is Always Darkest before Dawn”

Day 9 of Quarantine: Birthing Pains

March 31, 2020Day 9 of Quarantine:Seeing images of millions of displaced poor in India reminds me that this is not a staycation for those living in poverty around the world. Nor is this a joyous experience for our doctors and nurses on the frontlines.🌍A friend said recently we must act now to aid in theContinue reading “Day 9 of Quarantine: Birthing Pains”