Love Like a Sunflower

I never meant to fall in love with someone else, but I did. There’s a man who I’ve known for 20 years who I met the same year I met my husband. He started working for me 13 years ago, and for the past 3 years we have been in love but trying not to be so we could keep our families together. The best way I can explain what happened to you is that this beautiful man was there for me every day, always had my back, supporting me through days that sometimes felt like being in a war. We fought the elements together, dealt with the world’s most picky and demanding clients, persevered and overcame thousands of challenges … until the one day when I looked into his eyes and realized that the reason he went above and beyond and did everything he did every day was because he loved me, and that was the day I also realized his presence is what made continuing to run this company and get up every day worthwhile. There will be people who will hate and judge us both for leaving our families, but perhaps staying with our families wasn’t fair to them, either, because in the end, you have only this one precious life as the unique and amazing individual you are, and you only have this one opportunity to love someone else with all your heart and soul, like a sunflower bursting open to bloom in the light of the sun.

#truelove #sunflower #loveandlight #marriage #separation #loveaffair #5dearth #betruetoyourself

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