Culture of Conformity

“What if virtue signaling has nothing to do with being virtuous and everything to do with being conformist? What if cancel-culture is not about canceling hate, but is about cancelling debate? What if fact-checking is really uniformity-checking? What if censorship is not about separating fiction from the truth, but is about separating certain people from their voice? What if every time we self-censor because we are afraid we will be shamed, we lose a piece of our soul?” – Anthony Freda

Words by @anthonyfredaart

#freespeech #freedom #censorship #censored #virtuesignaling #conformity #fascism #debate #voice

2 thoughts on “Culture of Conformity

  1. Spot on. Too many lies, obfuscations, censoring, lopsided group think. Wanting to keep my waters calm I Social Media distance, and socially distance from media and seek truth in original sources. But no, without being reclusive I find it impossible. It is part of my spiritual growth to adjust into calm and cool living with this aspect of the living hell; to live with the media and not be consumed by it, and society and not be consumed by that.

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