Media Fans Flames of Conflict

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about conflict, about how the media fans the flames of conflict until we are consumed by it. Fires rage all around us – literally and figuratively. The true conflict lies with the mainstream news for hyper-fixating on fear and our differences, rather than trying to create unity and understanding. At a lower level of consciousness, we are consumed by conflict, anxiety, and depression – which is the place we are encouraged to stay at by media. Higher consciousness means promoting truth, unity, peace, and balance. We can’t always avoid conflict, though, because, at times, the truth is unsettling and a powerful catalyst for change. We must be brave enough to confront lies, conflicts of interest, partisanship, and greed. In this case, we aren’t choosing conflict to satisfy our own ego. Conflict becomes the temporary irritant necessary for true change to occur. Choosing to ignore injustice makes us accomplices to victimhood. We must be willing to throw a hammer at the screen of big brother, aka the fear-mongering 24 hour news cycle or censorship on social media, in order to get to the other side, to the place of higher consciousness where lies and hidden agendas and greed are no longer allowed because they simply shrivel up when confronted by the light of day. Be brave and continue to fight corruption wherever you see it. The struggle will be worth it in the end, my friends.

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