In Support of RFK, Jr.

Dear Mr. Kennedy,

My husband, Anthony, and I are big fans of all the brave work you’re doing. We often share your posts on social media, and have donated to the Children’s Health Defense fund because we believe it to be a very worthy cause, one worth speaking up about and fighting for. As someone who also has dysphonia, I particularly admire your ability to continue speaking publicly in the face of personal adversity. I know how hard that must be. I believe that we are given these kinds of challenges for a reason – perhaps, it’s to be an example to others or, perhaps, it’s so we can overcome our own internal struggle in order to become the true hero that you’ve become in the eyes of many people. I can also see how viciously you’ve been attacked by people who would choose ad hominem insults and the comfort of mainstream conformity over free and independent thinking, and I sympathize with the toll that must take. I want to personally thank you for your bravery and your service and for setting an example to people with dysphonia everywhere of what’s possible when we face our fears and refuse to accept ordinary limitations.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Amber & Anthony Freda

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