Culture of Conformity

We live in a culture of conformity and manufactured consent. Even people who think their thoughts are their own are often just regurgitating the talking points they see on the news. People often repost the arguments of others without even knowing whose words they are posting or whether or not that person has an agenda. Mainstream news is compromised by conflicts of interest and the fact that they accept massive advertising campaigns from big Pharma. They also often simply¬†reprint press release-based propaganda that comes from the government or institutions without doing their own independent research. If the mainstream media were truly looking out for our best interests, they would no longer align with political parties, and they would stop accepting advertising from pharmaceutical companies or companies that are politically motivated. When censorship becomes the norm, we have to ask who determines what’s true and what their motivations are. When all you have to do is label something a conspiracy theory without actually discussing it in your own words, you’re not thinking independently any more. What you’re doing is resorting to ad hominem attacks, or insults, which is intellectually lazy. You’re trusting someone else to think for you. You can’t claim intellectual superiority if you’re not willing to do the work.

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