The Akashic Records

The Akashic records are thought to be a repository of every thought, word, and deed of every living being in the past, present, and future. They are a record of each soul’s journey through the infinite, without judgment. The idea of the Akashic records seems to have come from Tibetan monks, who said the records could be found in the “akasha,” “ether,” or space element. The ether is thought to be the fundamental fabric of reality, from which all of material reality emerged.
Contemporary physicist Ervin Laszlo explores the idea of the Akasha from the perspective of science, concluding that we can find templates here for human ideals such as harmony and equanimity. If Laszlo is correct, we can use the Akashic Records not merely as a tool for personal reflection, but also as a sort of blueprint to aid in the evolution of humanity.
If your goal was to help humanity evolve in order to reach a place of higher consciousness, you might start by asking in your meditation to be shown where humanity is at currently in its level of consciousness and where we are intended to go. You might ask how you can best contribute to this growth and forward progress. You could also ask for guidance and support from spirit guides and see if they have any messages to give you.
People usually access the Akashic Records through meditation or while dreaming. Typical experiences might include meeting guides, visions of exploring a temple-like library reminiscent of an ethereal library of Alexandra and reading from the tombs on the shelves, or auditory messages or instructions. Some report seeing movies of past lives appearing before them.
You may or may not see any spirit guides in your meditation to visit the Akashic Records. Everyone is different, and everyone has different things that are coming here to see and learn. I think I see my spirit guides here because it’s a message I need to hear. I often feel like an outlier in life, going against the norm. Seeing myself surrounded by supporters is part of what I need to maintain a level of high vibration and belief in myself, without falling into depression or despair.

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