Turn off the News

If there’s one bit of advice I would offer to anyone struggling emotionally right now, it would be to turn off the news. I haven’t watched televised news “programming” in over a decade because I started to recognize how much of it is fear based and oriented on group think and manufactured consent, not to mention the ways they are compromised by advertising, political biases, and conflicts of interest. If you want to stay informed, read your news online, instead. Televised news tends to appeal to people’s emotions more and can be a source of propaganda and mob mentality. Seriously, just go one week without watching it and start to feel your own emotions and intuition starting to come back to you. We don’t need to be told how to feel by others. Everything you need is inside of you already.

#manufacturedconsent #groupthink #intuition #thinkforyourself #anxiety #higherconsciousness

2 thoughts on “Turn off the News

  1. I agree with you 100%. I have to do the same with radio news. I listen for a limited time, just to stay informed about world and local news. It’s good to remember to pull back and observe from a distance. Knowing that all news may be influenced by many different entities.

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