Love and Attachment

Those who talk incessantly of freedom, deep down are afraid to love fully with their whole hearts. Those who speak of longing and attachment mistakenly believe that the love they seek is outside them. Those who stay with those who abuse them are afraid to be alone. In every case, the challenge lies in overcoming fear and understanding that everything we need, we contain within ourselves already.
Does this mean we shouldn’t be attached to others? If the feelings that an attachment brings are mostly supportive and positive, then it’s probably helping you to have this partnership. A team can often accomplish more together than alone. We can also learn a lot from the experience of love – we learn the value of trust, and we are reminded of what it is like to love and be loved unconditionally. If you feel conflicted, off balance, anxious, or depressed over a relationship, this is your soul’s way of telling you something is wrong that needs to be let go.
Do attachments exist at all on the soul level? Not in the same way that attachments are manifested here on earth. From the perspective of the soul, we gravitate towards those who we vibrate with most strongly. As long as both souls continue to feel growth, love, and contribution, they see no reason to part.
The soul does not behave according to definitions, labels, or rules. The soul loves what it loves. It’s important to recognize that the earth rules are constantly changing. Just a couple of decades ago, we were much less accepting of homosexuality than we are today, for example. Many cultures in India and the Middle East still see it as improper for a woman to go out in public with her shoulders, calves, or face exposed.
This shows the subjective nature of what is socially acceptable. The soul, however, is unfettered by the judgments of others and stands completely naked as pure light. The soul is fearless, and it is our work here on earth to get back to the realization of our true nature.

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