Unconditional Love

If there is one great, guiding principle that will bring about peace and spiritual fulfillment, it is the practice of unconditional love. Unconditional love is the highest form of love because it asks for nothing in return from the other person. Unconditional love is completely accepting of the other person, flaws and all. While many of us may have experienced unconditional love with close family members, it becomes more challenging to extend this same level of love to neighbors or strangers. This reveals the mistrust and the double standards we carry towards the world “out there.”
I have personally experienced both conditional and unconditional love. My husband loves me mostly unconditionally. I say “mostly unconditionally” because I recognize that, had I been unattractive in some way to him on the surface, the relationship probably would not have had the fuel needed to sustain a marriage. The same is true for me. There has to be some element of chemistry in order for a romantic relationship to exist. A certain degree of conditional love is present in nearly every marriage, at least initially, before it deepens into something more. When we met, I had no money and very little prospects. I know he is not with me for those reasons. It must be harder for people with greater abundance to know if those were factors that influenced their relationships in some way. The love we feel for our son is unconditional. We love him because he is part of us. We love him in spite of any shortcomings.
How do we possibly get to a point of being able to unconditionally love and trust someone we don’t even know? By recognizing that we are eternal and our true selves can never actually be harmed. We surrender our doubts to the divine. What I’m talking about is a kind of radical acceptance. It’s dissolving the walls between us so you see others as extensions of yourself and the divine, care for them as family, and love all of humanity unconditionally, even if you do not condone their actions. This is our greatest calling, our divine purpose.

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