The Kabbalah and Gratitude

A concept from the Kabbalah that can be useful when trying to navigate intense emotions is the idea that we can push the pause button on our reactions anytime we feel triggered. Instead of reacting right away, pause for a moment and try saying to yourself “what a pleasure.” The reason this is helpful is that it injects gratitude into a tense situation by first recognizing that the challenges in life are actually why we are here. Everything else is really more the fluff of life – pleasurable, fleeting, routine, maybe even boring sometimes. The challenges in life are the real opportunities for our souls to evolve.
One could argue that an event like the coronavirus has brought with it some important benefits. Pollution levels have diminished, especially in places like India and China, and there has been a greater insistence on preparedness, truth and transparency from people, governments, and the media. Having everyone stay home has helped improve solidarity, strengthened family bonds, and created a greater sense of national unity. People are able to take a break from their jobs and daily routines in a way that has allowed them to reinvent themselves and make important changes to the things that were no longer working well in their personal lives, as well as global systems and institutions. The focus has shifted from making money to figuring out what really matters most to us – family, love, health, and compassion.
This is not to minimize the suffering that other people have been going through in any way. My heart goes out to all the victims of the disease, but at the same time, we have to take a step back from the emotional intensity of the situation in order to see that there are also some hidden positives in the situation. The Tower card in the tarot symbolizes the crumbling of systems that we previously held dear. It’s necessary sometimes for things to fall completely apart so we have the opportunity to rebuild and make a better world for ourselves.

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