Discovering a Higher Purpose

The world is more than it appears to be on the surface. Seeing the world as it truly is means taking a deep dive into the subconscious and into the language of the soul (through meditation and visualization) to see what the higher purpose is. This can be done both on the level of the individual as well as entering the collective unconscious to try and discern the higher purpose of a group, a movement, a country, or even the entire world. We gain a deeper level of awareness and compassion for others when we look at people from this perspective because it gives us a better understanding of the life purpose they brought into this world. Any higher purpose can be thwarted and become corrupted by ignorance, misinformation, greed, or self-interest, unfortunately, but we can see how the original intent was based on a higher purpose. The goal is to try to connect people back to their higher purpose by releasing the fear-based paradigms that prevent the creation of a better world for everyone. To do this, we must breathe deeper into the eternal self than either the mind or emotions alone can reach. We release our external focus in order to see things as they truly are, far beneath the chaos. Everything is happening by divine design, and the external world is merely a stage where we act out the evolution of our souls. The earth is a school, a place where mistakes can and should happen, so we can grow from the experience. Everything that happens in the external world – every ailment, every crisis, every disease – has its roots in the internal world. What we see on the surface is only the outward manifestation of an internal problem. We are all microcosms of God. We are as connected to one another as we are to the air we breathe and the beat of our own hearts. It is the great paradox of life to at once be everything and nothing. We are the Big Bang simultaneously exploding into everything in creation and drawing back into a single point of absolute silence and stillness.

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2 thoughts on “Discovering a Higher Purpose

  1. I am immensely grateful High Priestess, for Your guidance and insights.
    I Honor Your Courage and perseverance.
    You help us see the world in a different way, giving us Divine Perspective from where to unfold.
    Blessings to You. Always.


  2. Thank you so much, dear one! Your kind words and thoughts make such endeavors feel worthwhile. I love you and honor the divine presence in you as well. Thank you for being my mentor. Xoxo


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