Fear is the Mind Killer

We all feel fear from time to time. We are animals, after all. Or rather, we are souls inhabiting human bodies. When we observe a deer, a dog, or a monkey, we can easily see the natural fear responses that have been passed on to us through our mammalian DNA.

Unlike other animals, we have the ability to rise above the fear response and see it for what it is – an attempt to protect ourselves by plotting out possible future outcomes and thereby avoiding pain.

When the anxiety causes us just as much or more pain than the actual event, we are living in an obsessive state that can be difficult to break out of. Fear takes us out of the present moment and into a possible future scenario, which in itself causes stress. It’s unnatural to live outside of our bodies and in a state of projection into an imaginary future. Living in a state of perpetual fear makes us more likely to get sick, make poor decisions, and be unable to listen to our intuitive minds. Fear is also both a state of mistrust and a misalignment with what is.

Fear is actually only helpful when it serves as a catalyst for a productive action to take place. Otherwise, fear erodes our confidence, drains our life force, weakens our bodies, and eventually, it will destroy us. Ironically, the thoughts that we focus on also tend to become what we manifest in the world.

When our minds become obsessed with fearful thoughts, we become easier to manipulate or control, and we become unable to think clearly. In order to get ourselves out of fear, it’s necessary to ground ourselves in the present moment. We need to reduce or eliminate fear sources like the news and go outside, touch the earth, walk in the woods, go for a swim, anything to get out of our minds and back into our bodies and our senses.

Refuse to dwell in fear any longer than necessary. Anytime fear starts to enter your thoughts, ask if it has anything to teach you and then lovingly release it. Visualize the beautiful life you want, the highest manifestation of your divine self, and choose to fill your mind and focus your actions on making this your reality, instead.

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