The Covid-19 War on Truth

The Buddha would not want war. He would not want suffering. The Buddha, like Jesus, stood for love, peace, and truth. It’s only when truth is in danger of being compromised that we must also be strong and unafraid to fight for truth, freedom, and protection of the weak.
A video on YouTube entitled “I found the source of the coronavirus” shows us the simple facts that the Wuhan lab was studying coronaviruses in bats, as well as the close proximity of the lab to the Wuhan seafood market. All evidence is based on job listings and postings that came from the lab itself.
You may not see videos like these available on Facebook anymore, since Facebook hired someone from the Wuhan lab to help determine which posts should be censored. Conflict of interest much?
Bioweapons experts and a Nobel prize winner for AIDS research have said the coronavirus is most likely a bioweapon. Mainstream news will tell you this is a conspiracy theory.
If it is a bioweapon, perhaps the intelligence community believes it best for the American people not to know. Would this mean we have to go to war with China? That sounds horrible. Are we already in an unspoken economic Cold War with China?

I don’t believe war or killing innocent people is ever the answer. I think we should, instead, show our deep support for the Chinese people, the dissenters, protestors, and rebels who demand and deserve more truth and transparency from their government. A corrupt regime is like a rotting apple that needs the canker removed from its core to stop the disease of corruption and suppression of rights from continuing to spread.

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