Embodying the High Priestess

In the tarot, the figure of the high priestess represents internal knowledge, the subconscious, and the realm of the soul. The high priestess represents the divine feminine, which is to say the part of ourselves that is eternal and undisturbed by external events.
Also featured in the tarot are the figures of the magician, which represents the divine masculine, the empress, which represents the external feminine self, and the emperor, which is the manifested masculine self.
Each person, male or female, has aspects of these four archetypes within themselves that represent the dual or disparate nature of reality. Upon deeper reflection, however, we start to see that duality is just another illusion that creates feelings of separation. The work of both the individual and the collective is to bring these aspects into balance so that we can become whole again. Being whole means that we are more than just what you see on the surface. Things like personality, money, status, or career only define us superficially. Being a whole and authentic person means taking a deep dive into the realm of the High Priestess/Magician, the realm of the subconscious. We must be willing to explore things like intuition, dreams, imagination, and the soul, since these internal guides are what give our lives depth and dimension.
One possible barrier to our experience of the divine self is our feelings of unworthiness. We may think, “who am I to consider myself divine, to consider myself a priestess?” We may also meet with this same skepticism from the outside world. To acknowledge our divine nature does not mean we consider ourselves to be superior to anyone else. It’s not just our birthright to be divine, it’s everyone’s. If we look at the story of Jesus, we can see an example of someone who was the embodiment of divinity, and yet who also had humility and compassion for others. The message of Jesus is that we are all divine and eternal.

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