Integrating Light and Dark

To become whole, we must accept and integrate both the light and dark aspects of ourselves. The universe is a mirror made up of endless fractal images splitting, coalescing, and creating multiple dimensions and realities into infinity and beyond.

When we only choose the light aspects of ourselves, we can become a faded facsimile of our true selves molded into a pretty package, like origami. We are told we must behave a certain way to be loved. It’s a refrain we hear again and again until we willingly step into our golden cage with wings clipped and heads bowed. What happens when the cage bars disappear and you realize you are free to fly away? What happens when all your normal routines and definitions of self no longer exist? Do you stay inside, or do you run through the woods, hair streaming, wild and free?

There is a silver lining to every dark cloud. The darkness contains the freedom to redefine ourselves on our own terms, as outliers and rebels. We travel here in order to bring our shadow self into the light of truth. Giving up our self-interest for another can be an act of love, a necessary step in our evolution.

There was a time when the earth belonged to everyone. There was no such thing as rent or a job. We lived off the land with the help of our tribe. There were no high rise buildings, subways, or factories. The air and water was clean, and we lived in deep reverence for Mother Earth and our spirit guides.

This strange period in time created by Covid-19 offers us a rare chance to reconnect with the ancient ways. Like ice that forms lacy patterns on trees and is greeted by the rising sun, we begin to thaw, as we learn to redefine what it means to be whole again.
photo by and @anthonyfredaart

#writing #writingcommunity #write #divinefeminine #higherconsciousness #spiritualawakening #balance #venusingemini #priestess #oneearth #shadowwork

#writing #writingcommunity #write #divinefeminine #higherconsciousness #spiritualawakening #balance #venusingemini #priestess #oneearth #shadowwork

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