Day 9 of Quarantine: Birthing Pains

March 31, 2020
Day 9 of Quarantine:
Seeing images of millions of displaced poor in India reminds me that this is not a staycation for those living in poverty around the world. Nor is this a joyous experience for our doctors and nurses on the frontlines.
A friend said recently we must act now to aid in the creation of a new world. I responded that we are like the midwives helping to birth a new earth. The only way I know how to act right now is to keep writing, keep expressing, keep creating, keep connecting with others, keep holding the fire of a sacred vision burning in my mind.
Every birth is painful. There will be moments of sorrow, moments of bravery, moments of crushing despair, but when we see the crowning of the new day coming, may it give us the strength to persevere. Easter Sunday is almost here – the day of resurrection, victory over death, and the reminder, the gift, of our eternal nature.

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