A Golden Opportunity

Even when all seems bleak, even against the most barren backdrop, there are these little signs of hope, these golden messengers. Spring brings new life to these hollow bones of winter, even against the useless backdrop of urban decay.

How often have we wondered what it would be like to have more time to spend doing the things that truly matter to us? How often did we bemoan the rampant consumerism, the commercial culture, the rat race infesting these city streets?

Don’t squander this rare and golden opportunity to reinvent yourself, to live life on your own terms, and to cherish the moments of peace and solitude.

Surrender your survival fears to the great unknown, the cosmic river, and become a whirling dervish or a shiva dancing the fine line between creation and destruction, your hair gone wild, one fist clenched and the other open. There is power in your eyes, in the moment, in the burning towers crumbling to the ground. Now is the time to walk on fire, now is the time to become the beacon of light you were always meant to be.

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