Coronavirus – New World, New Possibilities

The world will change forever from coronavirus, and maybe some of those changes were long overdue. We are getting to spend more time in nature and with our families. We’re also all figuring out ways to work from home more and find new sources of income. Having all the schools go online would allow us to travel more and live anywhere we want in the world. I’m hopeful that this pandemic will also make people in corrupt and oppressive countries like China and Iran question their governments more and start to fight back about being lied to. Maybe we will downsize or move to a place that is less expensive and where we don’t have to work as hard because of this… Maybe we will all grow closer as a family. Maybe we can take back the education of our son that the public schools are failing at. No one knows where all this will lead, but I’m hopeful that it’s all happening for a reason, and that it will all make sense in the long view, if not in the immediate sense.
p.s. Toilet paper is a waste of trees! Let’s all get bidets, instead.

#coronavirus #pandemic #thetower #silverlining #brightside #opportunity #rebuild #cocreate

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