As Above, so Below

I remember in the weeks and months after 9/11 how I use to always think of my placement in the city in terms of exit plans. “Ok, I’m one mile from home – close enough to walk, if I had to,” like I did on 9/11 when I walked 60 blocks to get home. That was 4.5 miles. Or, the time there was a power blackout, and I walked from Manhattan to Queens – 2.4 miles.

The truth is, no distance is too far to walk to get to the people you love. If every plane and every car were to stop moving tomorrow, and I was on the east coast and my family was on the west coast, I’d start walking.

Or, it’s like this – when we grow up always expecting a calamity to happen because of chaos at home, here’s another way we become experts at exit strategies. Even when we have much to be grateful for and feel secure about, we don’t always sleep the peaceful slumber of those who have only known stability in their lives.

There is so much underlying tension in the city right now – it’s the little things that you notice, like people declining to shake hands or the bottles of disinfectant everywhere, or the way someone shudders when you cough because your drink went down the wrong way. It’s this tension that reminds me of my old survival patterns.

Every time I notice a fearful thought creeping in, I slow down my breathing and refuse to give into it. I’m trusting the universe to take care of things, trusting that everything happens for a reason, trusting that all the tools I need I already have.

As above, so below. I’m studying the ways I create exit strategies in my relationships, asking myself what it would feel like to just love and be loved a little more, what it would be like to let go of the conditions I’ve used to draw lines in the sand, and to trust that I’m exactly where I should be, and there is no need to rush or do anything at all.

How certain are we that we aren’t just creating chaos because it’s what we’re used to? Can we observe chaos without contributing to it? We are the creators of our own reality. Let’s make it a good one.

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