A Place Where Anything is Possible

Sometimes the winter saps the strength from us, storing it up for spring in invisible roots deep below the earth.
But, there is a world of imagination inside us still, a place where anything is possible.
You can do the most amazing things here, like multiple spinning backflips, swinging from the trees like Tarzan, or bouncing up and down on fluffy clouds.
Let’s ricochet into the sky and through the giant spinning sunflower pinwheel to a place of limitless wonder and freedom.
We can climb up giant lilies like Jack and the Beanstalk and feast on a meal of the most gorgeously scented flowers.
We can be birds singing sweet songs and experience the miracle of flight.
I’ll meet you there, when you feel ready, and together we will reinvent the world. We will grow our branches up, ever higher, towards the sun, and know what it means to be deeply rooted, yet free.

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