The Metaphysics of Dis-Ease

Why does God create disease?  Is there a world where diseases like Coronavirus, ebola, cancer, or AIDS do not exist?  Dear God – why are we here?  Why is this happening?  Can’t we just go back to being one with you and not live in this world of suffering any longer?

Dis-ease comes about as a result of imbalance.  Yes, there is a better reality that is possible as we raise the consciousness here on earth.  There is a world where governments do not engage in germ warfare, where there is no more war at all, where we do not mistrust the information being told to us, and where we no longer fear the end of our own mortality.

It’s insane to think that coronavirus may have been created in a laboratory involved in developing germ warfare.  It’s insane that we might risk such germs being unleashed upon humanity.

And yet, is it really any surprise in a world where humans still kill other humans every day?  Beyond the outright homicides, our world has the slow kill pilot light burning all the time – through the use of plastics, of pesticides, the very air we breathe seems designed to kill us as cancer rates rise and pollution spreads on and on.

Why is this happening?  Is it because we haven’t dared to insist on a better world for ourselves?  Is it because we don’t seem able to come up with a clear vision for the world we want and then do whatever it takes to make that world a reality?

God does not create disease – we create disease.  We believe in living in a toxic world, a world of conflict, a world where we are not enough or aren’t loved enough, and so the outer world becomes a reflection of the inner world.

The disconnect begins with the illusion of other.  We believe other people are separate from us, so therefore it’s okay to fight them or even kill them.  We believe the problem is out there and not in here.

The way to get to the higher dimensions of reality is to first see the world as it should be – a place where disease does not exist, a place where all people are loved by their neighbors, a place where we no longer fear or mistrust each other, a place where we no longer allow toxins to permeate our food, our air, or our water.

Why are we here?  I believe the highest form of consciousness is a state of being pure light and love, where all things are merged into one, like being at the center of the sun.  So, why do we need to go through all of this?

It’s so we can experience the wonder of form, of stories, and to know duality, at least for a time.  We can’t know what love truly feels like without also knowing what the absence of love feels like.  We can’t appreciate good health without also knowing disease.  We can’t appreciate peace without war. 

These are the realities of our current level of consciousness.  However, there may come a time when all of these dualities become integrated and cease to be disparate any longer.  When that happens, perhaps we will look back on these times as a temporary sort of dark ages that eventually gave way to a true heaven on earth.

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