Dark Night of the Soul

I walk through the woods to the great mother tree – protector, giver of life, the deeply rooted one.

My legs feel giant and heavy, made of lead. I climb up her, and yet every step is a struggle. I see the stairs ascending into the heavens, the stairs I have climbed many times, and yet this time I keep stumbling, slipping, and falling

I sit down, put my head in my hands, and I cry. I think maybe I’m a fraud, trying too hard, grasping at straws – a weirdo, an opportunist, a bitch. I see all my past failures, flickering through past lifetimes in red and black. I allow the screams of agony to wash over me. I know that this is the pain body, the shadow self, the dark night of the soul, the world of illusions.

I pick myself up and go through the portal to the other world, into the subconscious, the world of the shaman and the high priestess, the place where our spirit guides and true selves reside.

Medicine woman is here, drumming over me, applying poultices to the wounds of the soul. The goddess shines her light on me, puts her hand on my heart so I may feel the truth of illumination.

I am here. I am God. I am one. I am one with all that is or ever will be.

I use my hands to vibrate my earth body, shaking off any darkness, raising the frequency of the light body through intention and conscious release.

There is no truth that exists outside of myself that I do not contain already, for I contain the entire cosmos and the universal sigh.

Every time I have searched for truth by knocking on other people’s doors, I have been turned away. I now see how all paths have been leading me back home.

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