Return to Love

Imagine being in a cocoon – it’s like being in the softest nest of feathers or floating on a bed of clouds.
It’s the place where you feel completely safe, completely loved. It’s the warmest caress, the healing touch, the fingertips traced gently across your brow.
It’s the water flowing all around you, the smooth current in a world without sound, far beneath the chaos of crashing waves.
It’s the great gasp of breath, the surface breached, the arching leap and curve of a body defying gravity for just those few seconds before plunging back into the effortless depths.
It’s the place where we surrender our suffering, our cries for love, and become one with the great and cosmic melting sun that is the center of everything that ever was or will be.
This is what a return to love feels like. This is the only real and true thing. Everything else is but a dream, a fascinating fiction, a movie playing out on the screen of momentary consciousness.
I’ll look forward to meeting you all there one day.

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