Shadow Work: Self-Doubt

Though the day may be cloudy, the sun is still trying to break through, and you know these things are only temporary, anyway.

When the inner vision no longer matches the outer, that’s when it all just tends to slip away.

Not all your past lives have been good ones, and you’ve made some mistakes along the way.

Still, you’ve got so much to be grateful for, but sometimes these self-doubts just won’t go away.

It’s true that the only way out of these fears and limitations is to face them, but not by force, no, not by force.

There is so much hardness already and too much to strive for, when all the world is calling for is softness, just a little more softness to curl up to, to unwind our animal bones into.

Where can we let go of any notions of what we should be, how we should be healing, how we should be received by others… and just be.

All anyone’s really asking is to be loved a little more. When will we be so full of love that we no longer need to ask for anything more?

Until then, you’re not ready, no, you may not feel ready to face the world yet, but, eventually, these clouds will pass, and you will shine your light again, my friend.

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