Money is a State of Flow

How is your relationship with money working out? Abundance is a state of flow, and money is an energy exchange. Money is also a form of love and appreciation. It is being given to you in exchange for something that you are giving back. When that exchange doesn’t feel reciprocal or fair or there’s not enough of it, our fear responses around money get triggered.

When people have issues around money and abundance, the first thing I would ask is, how are you at receiving? Do you receive compliments well? Are you comfortable asking for help from other people when you need it?

Money gets to the heart of our issues around self-worth. If you can’t receive love easily from others, then you will often also create a block around receiving money in a way that prevents it from being truly fluid and balanced.

There are also a lot of negative associations around money that need to be cleared out. Ideas like “money is the root of all evil,” or in order to have money you will have to give up being happy because you will have to work constantly for it, or, if you have money, you must be greedy or materialistic. All of these assumptions are false and will further block our ability to receive money in a positive way.

A popular idea in new age thinking is the law of attraction – the idea that you can believe in something and have it come true. While it is true that your vibrational state will reflect back to you the things you believe, changing your energetic state also requires implementation through action.

In order to be abundant, we must live from a place where both giving and receiving are balanced and flow through us freely. We need to be able to envision ourselves in our most abundant state and then live that as our truth. We have to give up our fear that we won’t have enough, which is really a fear deep down that we are not enough. Wealth is, ultimately, a state of mind.

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