The Intuitive Tarot

Intuition games like the tarot are valuable because they show us how we receive messages symbolically through a mix of psychology, spirit, the subconscious, and the collective unconscious.
I’ve always enjoyed pulling tarot cards because it connects me to an ancient mystical lineage and also confirms to me that I am connected to something greater than myself that is not random.
There are always important messages to be found in the cards we pull. I’ve found a similar resonance in astrology – it’s a confirmation of greater patterns at work.
The only reason that any religion would ban these explorations of our intuitive skills must be fear – fear of what they do not understand, fear of losing control if we understand too much about our own power.
We are so profoundly connected to other human beings in ways that we have only just begun to understand.
The reason that intuition doesn’t work as well when it comes to machines like lotteries or slot machines is that there is no empathic resonance, nothing to feel our way around, nothing to know deep in our souls to be true.
I remember when I was first starting to open up spiritually how I played an intuition game with a friend once where we meditated and ask for guided messages to give the other person.
The messages we received were profound and brought us both to tears. I saw her in my mind in a past life running across the savannah in Africa. She told me she hated running, and the only way she could motivate herself was to imagine herself running across the savannah in Africa. We also saw that the reason she hated running was because she had been killed in a hunting accident in that life.
These amazing experiences of correspondence and synchronicity have confirmed to me again and again that we are all connected, and we have souls that know more and are far wiser than we give them credit for.

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