The Voice of the Soul

Sound is a wave, a continuum, like light refracting or a feather floating on water.

I am the girl with the skip in her voice. It’s the little pause, the momentary hesitation, the held breathe that lets you know here’s the girl – interrupted.

They say it’s neurological, which is another way of saying, it’s all in your head.

It’s the fear of diving into shallow water and hitting your head, the trust fall into nothing, the heart laid bare.

I’ve seen my own soul, seen my true self, my divine nature, and she has told me that my voice is broken because the world is broken. Suffering ends when we stop trying to see ourselves through fractured mirrors.

A flock of birds is fluid and effortless because they are following their intuition, an inner knowing that is in sync with the other birds.

Perhaps I was given this broken voice for a reason – for when we heal ourself, we heal the world.

#intuition #higherconsciousness #speech #voice #spiritualawakening #balance #flow #heal #dysphonia #selfhealing #selflove #meditation #write #writingcommunity #writer #trueself #divinefeminine

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