Reiki and Visualization for Self-Healing

When I was a child, I had pneumonia that lasted a couple months. Looking back, I can see how I was the perfect candidate for contracting this disease. Dis-ease comes about as a result of imbalance.

I was living with a stepfather who criticized me constantly. He had a need for dominance and control that was pathological. Perhaps as a counterbalance to that need for control, he was also a heroin addict who would lose control in violent outbursts. I felt deeply judged, unloved, and unsafe.

In an effort to protect myself, I spoke as little as possible in that household. I used to go straight to my room and would immerse myself in an imaginary world of books and paper dolls. Even today, I have issues and challenges around speaking.

By the time I contracted pneumonia, I had lost my will to live. I was having the most intense fever dreams of bombs flying all around me, and I truly felt my life was on the line. At one point, I dreamt of a giant, life-sized chess board. I knew intuitively that all the white pieces represented my white blood cells and all the black pieces represented the disease, but I had to have a will to live to move those pieces.

The way I found that will was to imagine my future self talking to my child self. My future self told me that those circumstances were only temporary and that someday I would have a husband and a son who would love me deeply. The thought of their unconditional love and the happiness I saw there gave me hope for the future.

Another thing pneumonia taught me was how we can self heal using touch. I would put my hands over the areas in my body that hurt and feel the love and healing energy radiating into my body. Learning about reiki years later confirmed to me that there is an energy exchange that is possible through touch.

I don’t know if I will ever be able to fully heal my voice completely or feel completely confident and comfortable with public speaking. It’s an area I’m still working on healing, but if my past experience is any indication, we are capable of so much more than we ever thought. ✨

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