The Flow State

When we’re in a state of flow, we know we’re in the right place, and yet life is constantly giving us little challenges to knock us off balance. Pay attention to the moments when you feel most in a state of flow because this is the universe’s way of telling you to keep doing what you’re doing.
Yoga practice is an interesting way to observe how we fall in and out of flow – with our breath, our balance, our presence, our connection.
How can I surrender deeper into graciousness and ease, moving with the flow like a fish in a stream? How adaptable can I be to the changes that are occurring around me today? How much can I release my own ideas about what flow is so that I can dive more deeply into the universal current?
Even in the lulls, the stillness between waves, there is flow. Falling out of flow is like falling out of a yoga pose. What a relief it is to know that we don’t have to be perfect, that life is not perfect, and that it is also all happening exactly as it was meant to right now in this moment.

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