Thoughts on Shamanism

You are a bird soaring over the earth. You feel the lightness of your new bone structure and how it glides so easily through the air.
You feel expansive and free. Your thoughts are also as light in color and density as the sky. You see so clearly how thoughts can feel dense and heavy or elevated and light.
Raising the vibrational frequency of our body and our thoughts through meditation allows us to access higher states of consciousness.
The word shaman means β€œone who knows.” Accessing altered states of consciousness in order to receive guided messages or healing has been the realm of the shaman since ancient, tribal times.
What if these altered states of consciousness open up portals in space and time where we can travel to other dimensions, similar to our dream state?
What if space travel over vast distances is only possible through the mind?
#spacetravel #portals #higherconsciousness #shaman #dreamstate #meditation #birdseye #raiseyourvibration #dimensions #interdimensional #lightbody

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